Junior Boarding

With the option of Weekly Boarding for Years 5-8

Marlborough College Malaysia has four Senior Boarding Houses and two Junior Boarding Houses. Mr Gough is the Housemaster in charge of Taylor House, the Junior Boys' House. Mrs Crump is the Housemistress of Iskandar, the Junior Girls' House. The Junior Houses are in close proximity to the existing Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Houses and are served by all the same sporting and educational facilities.

The Council of Marlborough College Malaysia has taken the decision to offer boarding to pupils from Year 5 with a Weekly Boarding option for Years 5–8. This option will allow pupils to return home every Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with their families.

Junior Boarding FAQs

How many children will there be in each Junior House?

There is currently provision for 50 pupils in each of the Junior Boarding Houses but there is the potential to accommodate 60 comfortably. Dormitories or ‘dorms’ have space for five children. Each child will have their own cabin bunk, with a built in desk, where they will do their prep. The tenets of Marlborough College Malaysia are Compassion, Companionship and Conversation, all of which are nurtured through close living of this nature.

What happens after School finishes for the day?

The working week at Marlborough is full and we offer a rich programme of structured activities, social occasions and other recreational opportunities. The advantages of full or weekly boarding at Marlborough College Malaysia include access to the first-class facilities and a range of exciting activities each day. There are a variety of clubs for boarders which include sports, drama, art, music and languages. The boarders are rarely without something fun to do!

With so much activity, food plays an important part in every boarder’s life; breakfast, lunch and supper are all eagerly anticipated as are evening snacks. Fruit is always on offer and vegetarians enjoy a delicious variety of options.

How can Parents contact their child?

We understand that the relationship between the boarder, HM and parents is essential to a child’s wellbeing and we encourage regular contact between all three parties. Parents keen to know how their child is settling in will receive regular updates and may contact their children or enquire after their progress through the Housemaster or Housemistress by email or telephone.

Most boarders communicate with their family and friends via Skype, email and their mobile phones although we have found that limiting use in the first couple of weeks assists in the settling-in process. Mobile phones and laptops are handed in at night time to discourage late night calls and are returned to the pupils in the morning for their use during the day.

At what time are the children expected to leave on a Friday and return on a Sunday?

Our Weekly Boarders will leave at the same time as the Day Pupils: Friday at 4.25pm. On a Sunday, the children should be back at school by 6.00pm, in good time for supper and prep. This allows the boarders to settle in properly before beginning the week’s routines, so that they are fully prepared for the week ahead.

Parents will drop their children at the school or, if the children live within an established MCM transport area, to a central pick-up point each Sunday afternoon. Similarly, children may return to a central drop-off point each Friday on the school bus.

Marlborough College Malaysia has exceptional “HMs”: Housemasters and Housemistresses who act in loco parentis. They understand that boarding is a valuable experience for pupils which complements the relationships of the classroom, laboratory or sports field. Our HMs go beyond being just excellent teachers and caregivers, they are role models for the children in their houses.