Life in an International Boarding School Malaysia

Pupils in Year 5 and above can join Marlborough College Malaysia as boarding pupils. The Houses form communities of between fifty and sixty pupils, under the leadership of a Housemaster or Housemistress (HM). HMs are in loco parentis and as such are directly responsible for the welfare and progress of those in their care. Also serving the Houses are Resident House Tutors (RHTs) and teams of visiting tutors. These, alongside the Dames (managers of domestic arrangements), Sani (the medical centre) and Senior Management Team, form the heart of the pastoral care structure within the school.

Living communally in Houses engenders a tremendous spirit and sense of comradeship. This can be borne out in a broad range of inter-House competitions: in quizzes, public speaking, debating, general knowledge, drama and singing.

There can surely be no better way to develop meaningful and strong relationships than in an international boarding school environment.