Kranji Remembrance Service Singapore

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Sunday 13th November saw the annual Kranji Remembrance Service held in Singapore, attended by boarders and beaks of MCM. Despite the need for a very early start, the Marlborough community arrived at the Kranji War Memorial to see the combined choirs of Dulwich, Tanglin and Marlborough College,...

Lent Term Beagle Hash

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Boarding

After a jam-packed week at school, a group of enthusiastic pupils gathered together to take part in the ‘Beagle Hash’; a mixture of a traditional Marlborough College event and a cross-country run which has its roots in Kuala Lumpur. We walked to the beautiful local jungle from the school gates.... More »

Prefects' Social

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Last Saturday (14th November) marked the first annual Prefects’ Social, an event organised and executed by the Prefects of MCM for the Remove and Hundred. We decided upon the theme of ‘90s fashion’ and some pupils turned out in very impressive outfits with Ray in the Hundred winning the best...

House Harmony and House Shout 2015

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Event, Boarding, Senior School, Prep School

The House Harmony and House Shout competitions took place just prior to the half-term break. We were fortunate to be joined for both events by Mrs Fiona Knight-Lucas who proved to be an excellent adjudicator. More »

Sunday Speaker Jason Fox

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Community, Boarding

It was a privilege to have Mr Jason Fox, commercial airline pilot for Singapore Airlines, deliver an engaging Sunday Talk on his life as a pilot. He stressed the importance of regular training, Mathematics for making quick calculations, English for clear communication, and an excellent study ethic... More »

Maiden Flight of the ‘Marlborough Belle’

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Sunday was the highlight of the year for the MCM RC Flying Club. After painstaking and detailed assembly in the workshop by our club members, our trainer aircraft, the ‘Marlborough Belle’ was finally ready for its test flight. We were delighted to see it take off, complete a few laps of the flying...

Sunday Speaker - Mr Ben De Haldevang

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Boarding, Music

Mr Ben De Haldevang gave a very enlightening talk on Sunday, particularly for those ignorant of jazz. He highlighted the Basin Street Blues classic from its origins in the deep South of USA in the 1920s through its metamorphosis by Louis Armstrong, a bleaker Miles Davis version, all the way to... More »

Sunday Speaker - Adrian David Cheok

Category: Marlborough Malaysia, Boarding

Adrian David Cheok, who is setting up a new research lab in Iskandar, treated the boarders to an excellent Sunday morning talk. He spoke about research in human-computer interfaces and developing new types of communication environments using all the senses, including touch, taste, and smell. One of... More »

Junior Boarders' Kota Tingii Trip

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At 4.30pm on Friday 16th January, 42 eager and excited junior boarders departed the Marlborough campus prepared for what was to be a brilliant weekend away in Kota Tingii. Upon arrival at the Kulum Eco Trail site the boarders met their activity coordinators, were swiftly organized into their dorms...

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