Co-Curricular Sport at Marlborough College Malaysia

Physical activity and sport are integral to life at the College, providing essential opportunities for pupil development, outside of the classroom walls. The diverse array of competitive and non-competitive options available for pupils from Reception to Upper Sixth, ensures that there is something to suit the needs and abilities of everyone within our community. All pupils are educated about the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraged to foster positive relationships with exercise, which we hope will last a lifetime.

At Marlborough College Malaysia there really is an option designed to capture and cater for everyone. Our commitment to provide such an extensive and inclusive programme has been instrumental in creating a clear culture that promotes and celebrates both participation and performance in physical activity and sport, whilst developing key character traits that are often synonymous with success. A Marlborough education recognises that learning must extend far beyond the classroom; this truly holistic approach ensures our pupils are equipped to aim high, and achieve excellence, in the context of the wider world.


Senior School

The sporting programme develops further in the Senior School and, as pupils gain experience, more choice becomes available for the two, weekly, 90 minute games afternoons. The major sports remain the same, with the inclusion of basketball for the boys. In addition to this, pupils have access to a health and fitness option, which caters for anyone wishing to improve physical endurance, in place of the sport specific sessions. We are proud to offer a valuable alternative that continues to promote the benefits of exercise and cultivate characteristics such as teamwork and perseverance. Most importantly, pupils are equipped with the necessary tools to maintain an adequate level of cardiorespiratory fitness, which is a vital indicator of overall health.

Competitive sport in the Senior School progresses and intensifies, as aspirational players and performance squads pursue excellence within our major sports. A programme of extra physical, technical and tactical based sessions become available to push elite performers and ensure that our top teams are set amongst the most revered schools in South East Asia. This effective formula has been the driving force behind a string of successes, and, subsequently, has built an impressive reputation of sporting excellence.

Prep School

These core values are introduced early and embedded thoroughly in our Prep School programme. Pupils from Reception to Year 8 receive weekly physical education and swimming lessons, which aim to develop physical literacy and water proficiency that form a vital foundation for future involvement in physical activity and sport. In addition to this, pupils engage in two 90 minute games sessions per week, which are focussed on advancing skills and competitive play within the context of our major sports. The boys’ programme includes rugby, football and cricket, whilst the girls’ programme offers touch rugby, football and netball. Each sport is played within a season, which provides inclusive competition for all pupils, as well as opportunities to represent the school both locally and throughout the South East Asia region, for our performance squads.

Straits Tournaments

Extensive space and unrivalled facilities have enabled the College to establish the prestigious Marlborough Straits Tournaments. These large scale events take place during each of our sporting seasons and play host to some of the best International schools and club teams from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

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