Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge"; Drama not only encourages the imagination, it is also a valuable teaching tool for knowledge. Drama is a unique and special subject as each lesson allows pupils to step into the shoes of someone else and look at life from a different perspective; it allows pupils to empathise with others and to understand their lives. Drama builds confidence and public speaking skills, it encourages creativity and the skills of collaboration, negotiation, self-discipline and concentration. Drama at MCM is inclusive, every child in every year group up to the Shell will perform in a play or musical at least once a year. Edexcel IGCSE has over fifty pupils and IB Theatre is a popular choice for those in the Sixth Form. The Summer term play, Antigone, had over thirty pupils performing and there are regularly over one hundred pupils attending theatrical or dramatic productions on school trips. The Drama department is also supported by a full time sound and lighting engineer who previously worked at Marlborough UK.