Co-curricular Aims

Co-curricular activities provide challenge and comfort as a critical part of a meaningful holistic education. We expect all pupils of Marlborough College Malaysia to engage with a broad range of activities outside the classroom, and for one or a number of these to become a large part of a pupil’s life.

Activities provide the very best opportunities for leadership, social development and fun. Some activities first experienced at Marlborough College Malaysia will become life-long passions, and the source of a pupil’s greatest memories of school life.

Activities at Marlborough College Malaysia include, but are not limited to:

  • Sports – rugby, football, hockey, netball, basketball, volleyball, cricket, tennis, swimming, table tennis, badminton, squash, athletics
  • Outward Bounds Activities – climbing, hiking, camping
  • The Arts – music practice and performance (choirs, ensembles, bands, orchestra), drama practice and performance (plays, musicals, performances, public speaking), art and design (creation, display, exhibition, photography), creative and descriptive writing (magazines, newspapers, web pages)
  • Clubs – debating, charity, languages
  • Service – personal development projects inside and outside Marlborough College Malaysia
  • Leadership – prefectship, school council, House, form representation, clubs, sports