Learning Support and EAL

At Registration

When parents register their child for assessment, we ask to know about any special needs, whether relating to an educational need or another form of disability. Cases of physical or other forms of disability are considered on an individual basis, but for those with special educational needs, including for example dyslexia or dyspraxia, parents are asked to send to the Admissions Office a copy of an educational psychologist’s report. Parents of a child with special educational needs who does not have a report will be required to obtain one.

On receipt of this information our Learning Support department will evaluate the report. Occasionally we may wish to see the child concerned to carry out some informal tests. The outcome will help the department to plan an individual support programme, if appropriate.

If such an assessment is deemed necessary, parents are asked to make an appointment, through the Admissions department. The Learning Support department will carry out a number of reading, writing and memory tests. The child will also take a Verbal Reasoning test and the Director of Admissions will write to parents with a summary of their findings.

Experience shows that children with mild special educational needs can enjoy successful careers at the College, and allowances are made when such children undertake the assessment. However, we are not an appropriate school for children with moderate to severe difficulties.

In some cases, therefore, we may advise that Marlborough is not a suitable school for an individual child because we do not have sufficient support available within our Learning Support department, but in most cases we hope to be able to reassure parents that we can support the child concerned.

Acceptance of a Place

Once places have been offered and accepted (by payment of deposit) parents are again asked to confirm whether or not their child has learning support requirements by completion of the Personal Circumstances Form. Those with special educational needs may be eligible for 25% extra time and/or the use of a word processor in examinations. A recent Educational Psychologist’s report is required by Shell (Year 9) in order to assess for any appropriate concessions for IGCSE examinations.

Learning Support

A wide range of learning difficulties are addressed from problems with spelling, reading and writing to personal organisation and other study skills. The aim is to enable pupils to access the wider curriculum, as well as meeting their specific individual requirements.

Pupils identified with irregular learning profiles may be offered further assessment and/or learning support lessons.

Parents who know before a child’s arrival at Marlborough that they would like their child to have lessons with one of the Learning Support teachers should request this through the Admissions department.

Following our assessments, we will advise parents if we believe a child would benefit from additional learning support. Extra lessons incur a charge and may involve withdrawal from a timetabled lesson.

English as an Additional Language

If English is not your child’s first language, he or she may benefit from some assistance from the Learning Support department. Support will usually focus on the development of reading skills and writing techniques. Please contact the Director of Admissions should you require further information about English as an Additional Language (EAL).