Prep & Senior School

Please note there are three terms in each school year.

Fees are payable in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). For illustrative purposes only, a Singapore dollar value is shown using an exchange rate of RM3 to SGD1.


Payment of Fees by Instalment

School fees can be remitted to the College in 10 equal monthly instalments. Instalments are payable from 1st July – 1st April to ensure that total fees are remitted to the College in advance of each term.


Please contact Ms Claire Tee if you would like to discuss this payment option.


Notice of Withdrawal

A full term’s notice, as set out in our Terms and Conditions, must be given otherwise Fees in Lieu of notice will be applicable.  Any notice of withdrawal should be sent ‘For the attention of the Master’ to [email protected]


Sibling Discount

A family with three or more children at the school at the same time is entitled to a 5% discount for the third and any additional children.