IB Diploma


All pupils must choose 3 Higher Level subjects and 3 Standard Level subjects from 6 fixed subject groups

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

Group 2: Language Acquisition

Group 3: Individuals and Societies (Humanities)

Group 4: Experimental Sciences

Group 5: Mathematics

Group 6: The Arts*

*if pupils do not wish to choose an Arts subject then a further subject from Groups 2-4 can be selected instead.

The subject choices available at the College change annually. However, options for September 2019 are as follows



1: Studies in Language and LiteratureEnglish Literature HL / SL

English Language and Literature HL / SL

English Literature and Performance SL

Chinese Language and Literature SL

Malay Literature HL/SL

School Supported Self Taught (First) Language SL

2: Language AcquisitionChinese B HL / SL

English B HL / SL

French B HL / SL

French Ab Initio SL

Malay B SL

Spanish B HL / SL

Spanish Ab Initio SL

3. Individuals and Societies (Humanities)Business Management HL / SL

Economics HL / SL

Geography HL / SL

Global Politics HL / SL

History HL / SL

Psychology HL / SL

World Religions SL

4. Experimental SciencesBiology HL / SL

Chemistry HL / SL

Computer Science HL / SL

Design Technology HL / SL

Physics HL / SL

Sports Exercise and Health Science HL / SL

5. MathematicsAnalysis and approaches HL / SL

Applications and interpretations HL / SL


6. The Arts*Music HL / SL

Theatre Arts HL / SL

Visual Arts HL / SL