Physical Education

Physical Education

Senior School PE Department

Whilst Physical Education is a practical-based subject in the Preparatory School, the Senior School Physical Education department is academic in nature. We offer the Cambridge IGCSE PE course for Remove and Hundred pupils and Standard Level and Higher Level Sport and Exercise Health Science, as one of the Group 4 subjects, for the IB Diploma.

The department boasts practitioners with excellent academic credentials and genuine passion for the ever-evolving subject of Sport and Exercise Science. Our beaks are experts in this field and notable role models for leading active, healthy lifestyles, which ensures pupils are fully engaged and influenced throughout their learning in Physical Education.

The IGCSE and SEHS courses provide pupils with valuable knowledge about the impact exercise and sport can have on our increasingly sedentary and stressful daily lives. Syllabus content for the IGCSE educates pupils, on an accessible level, about the importance of exercise for maintaining health, with a focus on the mental, social and physical benefits, as well as specific adaptations to body systems, including: the circulatory system, respiratory system, muscular system and skeletal system. The IB SEHS specification takes many of these concepts and delves much deeper, providing pupils with detail about the intricacies of body responses and adaptations to exercise. As such, both courses supplement learning and understanding in Human Biology, Psychology and some areas of Physics.

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality teaching and encourage pupils studying Physical Education to investigate and engage with the most recent developments in sport and exercise science. We aim to instil our passion for the subject through delivery of interactive and innovative lessons and hope to inspire many of our pupils to extend their education in this field at university, through courses such as: Sports Science, Sports Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Coaching, Sports Medicine or Strength and Conditioning.

Prep School PE Department

During PE lessons pupils are fortunate enough to have one swimming lesson and one PE lesson per week.

Through swimming, pupils develop water confidence from a young age, which then leads to stroke development.  During lessons, they are taught how to synchronise their arm pull, leg kick and breathing in order to become streamline and more efficient in the water.  Throughout the year we teach freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and also water polo.

In PE, our two main aims are to ensure pupils love playing sport and to try to make all pupils fit and healthy.  In order to achieve this, we offer an expansive programme with plenty of variety.  At a younger age pupils are taught to develop their motor skills: agility, balance, coordination, and speed.  When these skills have been learnt effectively the pupils use them to enjoy such sports as badminton, basketball, fitness, athletics and many more.

Prep School Games

We are fortunate to have two double games lessons per week.  This keeps pupils fit and healthy, and always active.  The games lessons are taught in single-sex groups with girls playing netball, football and touch rugby whilst boys play rugby, football and cricket.

All sessions are well planned by the Prep School beaks and are played across four beautiful grass pitches, six outdoor netball courts, and the indoor sports hall.  Each term we hold house matches, where pupils perform with their team mates in a round-robin tournament.  It is one of the most popular days in the year, as parents can really see how much progress their children have made.  Pupils also play fixtures throughout the year both against local teams and in international tournaments.