Senior School Music Department

Music is an important part of life at the College.  It is an inclusive activity and an academic subject throughout all years of the College, delivering the expertise of practising professional musicians to hone the talents of the pupils from Reception to the Upper Sixth.

At Marlborough we believe that Music is a subject that is accessible to all, whatever age or standard a pupil may be.  We believe that it is an aspect of College life that really matters:

I would teach children Music, Physics, and Philosophy but most importantly Music, for the patterns in Music and all the Arts are the keys to learning” – Plato.

The aims of the Music department are to inspire, enrich, and nurture every pupil to fulfil their musical potential in a dynamic, vibrant and exciting environment. We wish to provide the opportunity and flexibility to allow the musicians of the future to discover and explore their potentials and passions.

The academic Music courses follow the Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE syllabus up to the end of Hundred (Year 11).  In IB the HL and SL Music courses are available where numbers allow.

There are a myriad of enrichment activities in Music, including the College Choir and Orchestra, individual and group lessons, the Rock Society and theatre visits to Singapore.

Prep School Music Department

The Music department in the Prep School plays a crucial part in each pupil’s development in their early academic career. Pupils in the Prep School at Marlborough are constantly challenged to express themselves in a respectful, sharing environment when it comes to music. Creative-based approaches to learning allow pupils to be confident about their own music-making, whilst numerous platforms of showcasing their ability allow them to demonstrate their musical talent to friends, parents and the wider community. This includes recitals, large-scale musical productions, lunchtime concerts, community outreach performances and international music tours.

We aim to give every pupil the opportunity to maximise their creative artistic potential, whilst allowing them the challenge of pursuing a high level of technical finesse on their respective instrument. Every single pupil from Reception to Year 8 receive weekly specialist music teaching and are involved in at least one large-scale musical event on stage annually. We also have a comprehensive peripatetic teaching provision, allowing pupils to further their instrumental pursuits in a one-to-one setting. We also regularly host workshops from external facilitators, allowing our pupils to participate in music-making on a large scale spanning across different year groups. Our choirs also participate in Outreach events, spreading the joy of singing in the local area.

Ensembles and groups in the Prep School include two Section choirs, a Chamber Choir, the Prep School Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble and a Ukulele Orchestra.