Senior School History Department

History is a popular subject offered across all year groups in the Senior School at Marlborough College Malaysia.  As a department, we aim to foster a sense of inquiry and encourage a lifelong interest and enthusiasm for the study of History.  Studying History develops an understanding of the past, which leads to a deeper understanding of the nature of humans and the world today.

History IGCSE (Edexcel examination board) enables pupils to acquire knowledge of selected periods in Russia, Germany and China.  Pupils explore significant historical events, people and focus on the key concepts of change and continuity.  Through the History course pupils learn to use sources critically, communicate their knowledge effectively and draw their own historical judgements on a given topic.

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) History course is offered as part of pupils’ Humanities or ‘Individuals and Societies’ (Group 3) options.  It is a World History course based on a comparative and multi-perspective approach to history.  History at IB level is a dynamic, contested, evidence-based discipline that involves an exciting engagement with the past.  It focuses on key historical concepts such as change, continuity, causation, consequence, perspective and significance.  The department aims to encourage enjoyment of the study of history and to increase a pupil’s understanding of themselves and of contemporary society by encouraging reflection on the past.

The department is comprised of three beaks, each of whom bring a specialist area of knowledge and expertise to the teaching of History.

Prep School History Department

History features throughout the pupils’ Prep School experience. In the Pre-Prep, the children encounter stories from the past and are increasingly encouraged to ask questions about times gone by.  Lower Prep pupils largely follow the English National Curriculum, developing their subject skills of chronology, inquiry, interpretation, understanding and evaluation, and organisation and communication.  Ideas and research are presented by them through the spoken word, multi-media presentation and the traditional medium of ink and paper.   We look to enhance their learning experience through the use of iPads and Macbooks in both lessons and prep.

The Common Entrance syllabus informs much of the Years 7 and 8 course, and the emphasis is increasingly on analysis, especially of sources, and convincing historical argument as preparation for entry to the Senior School.

The study of History encourages the development of skills essential both to academic study and later life, however, we never lose sight of the essential enjoyment and excitement that the story of the past offers.

Pre-Prep History Department

In History the children enjoy learning about historical figures and people of significance from the past. They use a variety of sources and artefacts to help them to communicate similarities and differences to the present day. Questioning skills are developed and local trips and visits are often used to enrich learning.

‘I enjoy studying history at MCM as I believe that History gives us a great insight to how we as a society have made it to this moment in time, the ability to look back on the mistakes that we have made and to make sure that history does not repeat itself. For those reasons, I find history lessons extremely intriguing and fascinating.” Shena Sreedharan, Year 8