Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Senior School Design and Technology Department

Design and Technology at Marlborough College Malaysia is delivered by specialist practitioners in a superbly resourced centre.  Current facilities include two multi-purpose workshops with laser cutting and 3D printing capabilities, an iMac computer suite, a heat treatment room and a permanent exhibition space.

Design and Technology enables pupils to understand and apply iterative design processes through which they explore, create and evaluate a range of outcomes.  Pupils use creativity and imagination to design and make prototypes that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

They are instructed in the safe use of a variety of tools, machines and processes, leading to the manufacture of products in a range of materials including wood, metal, plastic and smart materials.

Our curriculum follows a carefully structured path that develops a broad range of practical skills, as our pupils progress from the Prep School into the Senior School and ultimately beyond, into the outside world. All pupils are taught design and technology in the Shell year and can then opt to take the Edexcel GCSE Design and Technology course in the Remove and Hundred years.  Following on from that, the subject is offered as part of the IB Diploma programme in the Sixth Form.

The Design and Technology department is keen to foster links with local businesses and creative industries in order to enrich the learning of our pupils.

Career opportunities linked to Design and Technology embrace a broad spectrum of potential outcomes including: Architecture, Engineering, Product Design, Graphical Design, Interior Design, Fashion and Textiles.

Prep School Design and Technology Department

Prep School Design and Technology at Marlborough allows pupils to raise their awareness of the implications of the subject in terms of preparing them for the ever-changing world they will face. Helping pupils have a better understanding of functional and artistic design in society will result in more informed and discerning consumers as well as innovators. The subject develops strong thinkers and communicators who are able to problem solve by improving their knowledge and understanding of different materials in an array of disciplines.  It involves knowledge of textiles, structures, mechanisms, graphics, construction and computer-aided design. The most important thing to remember is that all this should be achieved through having fun.

In Lower Prep, pupils from Year 3 are introduced to the design process. Small projects link with the topics being taught in other areas of the curriculum. An example of one such project focussed on electronics, culminating in a free-standing Ancient Egyptian scene made from a selection of different materials. Even at this early age the pupils are asked to consider the wider environmental impact of decisions they make.

They have a dedicated subject teacher and specialised room, equipped with vast array of materials that the pupils can explore and create within complete safety.

As pupils move to Upper Prep the subject and the environment in which it is taught get more exciting. Fantastic facilities and subject specialist teachers enable the pupils to develop their practical skills with a wide range tools and equipment. Traditional methods and modern computer enhanced technology are incorporated together, inspiring the pupils to solve problems in ever more complex and refined ways. Here at Marlborough design and technology aims to give life and meaning to other curriculum areas by bringing them together in real-world contexts, which are relevant to young people today.