Friends of MCM

Friends of MCM

The Friends of Marlborough College Malaysia, or “Friends” for short, is an organisation set up for all parents, guardians, pupils, alumni and beaks of the College. The committee, made up of a number of parents from diverse backgrounds, is responsible for coordinating the organisation and hosting of various social events throughout the academic year.

Our aim is to help integrate new parents, promote friendships and bring about an expansive community spirit here at Marlborough College Malaysia.

Events are supported through sponsorship or on a paid for basis to ensure that College fees are not subsidising Friends’ events and activities. Any profits from these events are channelled back into the College, in two significant ways. The first, through donations to The Marlborough College Charity Fund and the second, to provide non-essential facilities and equipment that will enhance the children’s educational experience at the College.

The idea of Friends is exactly as the names suggests. It will be a pathway to building friendships and unity within the College through the sharing of ideas, event organisation and extensive participation.

There are lots of roles to fill and many ways to contribute to Friends. Everyone; parents, grandparents and beaks are welcome and are encouraged to participate in a variety different ways.

We also have an extensive range of college merchandise available, from supporters’ shirts to car sunshades, which are available for purchase at the majority of the College’s social and sporting events.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime at [email protected]