British International Boarding and Day School in Malaysia

Marlborough College Malaysia is a fully coeducational, independent international boarding and day school, following a British curriculum, IGCSE courses and, for the top two years of the school, the IB Diploma Programme. The boarding and day Senior School is for pupils aged thirteen to eighteen. There is also a day Preparatory School for pupils aged between four and thirteen, with the option of boarding from the age of nine.
The school is situated on a secure 90-acre estate on the southern tip of Malaysia in Iskandar, just across the second causeway from Singapore. The campus provides a spacious and beautiful environment which will enrich the development of our pupils.

Our Mission

Marlborough College is a community where scholarship is cherished, creativity celebrated, diversity enhanced and conversation is paramount. In addition to promoting and achieving academic excellence, our mission is to encourage children to explore, through compassion, companionship and conversation; and from that exploration, to build confidence and communities for good.

This will develop well rounded balanced individuals who will maximise their own considerable potential and contribute to society in a positive way.